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Otoge and seiyuu fan. Forever reblogging Miyata Kouki and Amnesia.

I have claimed Miyata Kouki over at the seiyuu tumblr crew.

AMNESIA World(アムネシアワールド)

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Anonymous Asked:
Why did you register for summer classes, if I may ask?

My answer:

Oh, I don’t mind you asking at all. ^^ It’s simply because I have so few classes left for my two-year degree and I’d really like to get it by the end of the fall semester. I know I kind of overwhelmed myself this semester, but my schedules for the summer and fall semesters are going to be very tame, so I’m confident I can manage them. (:









MULTIPLE people I am following are asking what these are, why we call them holy when only one has a hole. If they are made by the same company, and what is with us praising these.

I weep for you people, from other countries. WEEP.

Aussies may have Tim Tams.

EU may have Kinder and All sorts of fantastic biscuits.


Not only are these things SINFULLY good, they are only sold for a bit over 1 month of the year, depending on region, that month of the year changes.

That middle one is Chocolate, Caramel Coconut. The left one is Peanut Butter, chocolate and sex on a stick aka crumbly cookie/biscuit.

You can eat em straight from the box, but pros? Pros eat these bad boys frozen.

And thin mints, man. that right one? THIN MINTS. You may have heard of these. Chocolate biscuit infused with mint essence coated in dark chocolate.


Those thin mints.

The Thin Mints for which every grown ass American on a Medical Diet cries for when they see a girlscout.

The Thin Mints with 1000 copycats, and not a one of them successful.

Girl Scouts, regularly boycotted by Fundies and Anti-choice nutters, not only taste amazing, but you get the joy of giving money to a good cause, while subtly flipping the bird at overly wound up fundie groups.

It’s like donating to Planned Parenthood and getting a box of double dark chocolate with fudge filling tim-tams especially made for them.

The reason we eat them frozen is that we buy as many boxes of thin mints as we possibly can during that short sale period, and then store them for the dark months, like proud American squirrels.



This is the greatest explanation of Girl Scout cookies I’ve ever seen

As a lifelong Girl Scout I fully approve of this post.


why is “in cahoots with” not a relationship option on facebook

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Well, just registered for my summer classes.


there are some fan theories that u read and are like holy shit that is spot on and then there are others that u read and are like “do u even watch the show”

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A preview of Photograph Journey Heroine~

The full illustraion of the Heroine will be reveal in 電撃Girl’sStyle5月 magazine.


some people’s voices are just very appealing. you can’t explain it. there is no way to describe it. it’s just like. how. why. why does your voice do things to me. why does it make me feel things. why. how. why


A few months ago I preordered vol.4 of the Meganebu! DVDs because, at the time, it was listed as the volume with Mitsuki’s character song CD. However, as most people know, the content was later changed and Takuma’s character song CD is the one included with it. Unfortunately, AmiAmi doesn’t like it when you cancel orders, so now I’m looking to sell the DVD to anyone who is interested in it.


PRODUCT: Meganebu! Vol.4 Initial Production Limited Edition [DVD]
CONDITION: brand new and still factory sealed (Sorry. This means I cannot take pictures of the box content.
REGION: This DVD is region 2 – meaning it cannot play on region 1 DVD players, but it should play on newer computers without any problems.
-episodes 7 and 8
-Meganebu katsudo kiroku (16 pages booklet)
-“Hima-koh shinbun” minimized edition vol.4
-Original character designer, character designer Atsuko Nakajima original illustration special sleeve case
-Character song CD (Takuma Hachimine/ Atsushi Tamaru), Soundtrack
(( I had to link the BD page because the link for the DVD on AmiAmi leads to an error page. ))


-The price I am asking for the DVD is $30.00USD – not including shipping
-The cost for shipping in the US will be $5.00USD because I will send out the DVD through ‘media mail’.
-If you live outside of the US and are interested in buying the DVD, please be sure to tell me your country and I will give you a shipping estimate.
-I’ll only accept payments made through paypal. Sorry.
-Once I receive your payment, I will promptly ship out the DVD.
-Please keep in mind that once it leaves my possession at the post office, I can not be held responsible for what happens to it. If this concerns you, please ask about tracking or insurance.
-If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your interest!

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