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I have claimed Miyata Kouki over at the seiyuu tumblr crew.

AMNESIA World(アムネシアワールド)

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Quick sales post because I’ve acquired a little more than I actually need. So hopefully these guys can find good homes. (:

NOTE: All items are official merchandise and are in new/perfect condition.

Dangan Ronpa + Super Dangan Ronpa 2 rubber straps ($5.00USD each): Fujisaki Chihiro; Yamada Hifumi; Owari Akane; Sonia Nevermind; Saionji Hiyoko
Fire Emblem Awakening rubber keychains ($5.00USD each): Lucina; Female Avatar; Chrom
Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Picctam rubber strap ($5.00USD): Hinata Hajime
Dangan Ronpa Gel straps ($2.00USD each): Hagakure Yasuhiro; Maizono Sayaka; Leon Kuwata; Yamada Hifumi

payment and shipping

-I only accept payments made through paypal.
-I am in the United States, but I will ship internationally.
-Please keep in mind that the cost for international shipping is a little higher.
-Everything will be securely packaged in bubblerap envelopes.
-If you are interested in anything or have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an ask.
-If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, Tumblr probably didn’t send your message.
-In that case, please send me an another ask or reblog this post.

Thanks for looking!


im also in love with technology inept gaius bye

Oh my god yes slkfskdljfskdgsjglkjsdfd! Meanwhile you have Fast-Fingers Rowen texting like a boss. :D








Yes. Yes all of this very much.

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* Panel issues recommendations after review of U.S. record

* Says killing of Michael Brown “not an isolated event”

* Decries racial bias of police, pervasive discrimination

* ACLU calls for addressing racial inequality in America

GENEVA, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The U.N. racism watchdog urged the United States on Friday to halt the excessive use of force by police after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman touched off riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Minorities, particularly African Americans, are victims of disparities, the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said after examining the U.S. record.

"Racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas of life from de facto school segregation, access to health care and housing," Noureddine Amir, CERD committee vice chairman, told a news briefing.

Teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer on Aug. 9, triggering violent protests that rocked Ferguson - a St. Louis suburb - and shone a global spotlight on the state of race relations in America.

"The excessive use of force by law enforcement officials against racial and ethnic minorities is an ongoing issue of concern and particularly in light of the shooting of Michael Brown," said Amir, an expert from Algeria.

"This is not an isolated event and illustrates a bigger problem in the United States, such as racial bias among law enforcement officials, the lack of proper implementation of rules and regulations governing the use of force, and the inadequacy of training of law enforcement officials."

The panel of 18 independent experts grilled a senior U.S. delegation on Aug. 13 about what they said was persistent racial discrimination against African-Americans and other minorities, including within the criminal justice system.

U.S. Ambassador Keith Harper told the panel that his nation had made “great strides toward eliminating racial discrimination” but conceded that “we have much left to do”.

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown, has been put on paid leave and is in hiding. A St. Louis County grand jury has begun hearing evidence and the U.S. Justice Department has opened its own investigation.

Police have said Brown struggled with Wilson when shot. But some witnesses say Brown held up his hands and was surrendering when he was shot multiple times in the head and chest.


In its conclusions issued on Friday, the U.N. panel said “Stand Your Ground” Laws, a controversial self-defense statute in 22 U.S. states, should be reviewed to “remove far-reaching immunity and ensure strict adherence to principles of necessity and proportionality when deadly force is used for self-defense”.

Ron Davis, father of Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old shot dead in a car in Jacksonville, Florida during an argument over loud rap music in November 2012, attended the Geneva session. Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen killed in Miami, Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer, testified.

The U.N. panel monitors compliance with a treaty ratified by 177 countries including the United States.

"The Committee remains concerned at the practice of racial profiling of racial or ethnic minorities by law enforcement officials, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Transportation Security Administration, border enforcement officials and local police," it said, urging investigations.

The experts called for addressing obstacles faced by minorities and indigenous peoples to exercise their right to vote effectively. This was due to restrictive voter identification laws, district gerrymandering and state-level laws that disenfranchise people convicted of felonies, it said.

Jamil Dakwar of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the U.N. recommendations highlighted “shortcomings on racial equality that we are seeing play out today on our streets, at our borders and in the voting booth.

"When it comes to human rights, the United States must practice at home what it preaches abroad," he said.





"A sweet and passionate soul-shaking romance ADV"
(Official site, blogTwitter)

Producer: Nakamura Sachiyo (Starry Sky)
Director: Ishikawa Natsuki
Illustrator: Fujiwara Ryo (Colorful Step, Shinigami Hime no Saikon)

Game summaries, heroine profiles, and some more under the cut!

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*thinks about fave character* *SMILES REALLY HUGE AND COVERS FACE*

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(I can be wrong but I doubt it)

Ok, so take a look at this picture:


To the left, we can see a new character that is working on their laptop. Does it remind you of anyone?


Yup, Chihiro Fujisaki.

This character’s last name is actually Fujisaki because I saw their last name on this picture:


Maybe it is his sibling.



Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible

Temporary electronic tattoos could soon help people fly drones with only thought and talk seemingly telepathically without speech over smartphones, researchers say. Electrical engineer Todd Coleman at the University of California at San Diego is devising noninvasive means of controlling machines via the mind, techniques virtually everyone might be able to use.

Commanding machines using the brain is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In recent years, brain implants have enabled people to control robotics using only their minds, raising the prospect that one day patients could overcome disabilities using bionic limbs or mechanical exoskeletons.

But brain implants are invasive technologies, probably of use only to people in medical need of them. Instead, Coleman and his team are developing wireless flexible electronics one can apply on the forehead just like temporary tattoos to read brain activity.

"We want something we can use in the coffee shop to have fun," Coleman says.

The devices are less than 100 microns thick, the average diameter of a human hair. They consist of circuitry embedded in a layer or rubbery polyester that allow them to stretch, bend and wrinkle. They are barely visible when placed on skin, making them easy to conceal from others.

The devices can detect electrical signals linked with brain waves, and incorporate solar cells for power and antennas that allow them to communicate wirelessly or receive energy. Other elements can be added as well, like thermal sensors to monitor skin temperature and light detectors to analyze blood oxygen levels.

Using the electronic tattoos, Coleman and his colleagues have found they can detect brain signals reflective of mental states, such as recognition of familiar images. One application they are now pursuing is monitoring premature babies to detect the onset of seizures that can lead to epilepsy or brain development problems. The devices are now being commercialized for use as consumer, digital health, medical device, and industrial and defense products by startup MC10 in Cambridge, Mass.


It’s beginning. The rapture. The mark of the beast.

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You know when you need to practice speaking a language but you don’t want to speak it in front of native speakers because you’re worried they will judge you for your poor grammar skills and limited vocabulary



Medieval Hair Care

  • So that hair might grow wherever you wish. Take barley bread with the crust, and grind it with salt and bear fat. But first burn the barley bread. With this mixture anoint the place and the hair will grow.
  • Cook down dregs of white wine with honey to the consistency of a cerotum and anoint the hair, if you wish it to be golden
  • If the woman wishes to have long and black hair, take a green lizard and, having removed its head and tail , cook it in common oil. Anoint the head with this oil. It makes the hair long and black.
  • If, needed, you wish to have hair soft and smooth and fine, wash it often with hot water in which there is powder of natron [Native hydrous sodium carbonate] and vetch.
  • Take some dried roses, clove, nutmeg, watercress and galangal. Let all these, powdered, be mixed with rose water. With this water let her sprinkle her hair and comb it with a comb dipped in this same water so that [her hair] will smell better. And let her make furrows in her hair and sprinkle on the above-mentioned powder, and it will smell marvelously.

("De Ornatu Mulierum /On Women’s Cosmetics." in The Trotula : A Medieval Compendium of Women’s Medicine (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2001))

image: Lorenzo Costa, Portrait of a Woman

Fun fact-some of these do work. And, they can work for Medieval POC, too! Just keep in mind that “Natural” isn’t always “Better”; the risk of allergic reactions and irritations is going to be there with pretty much any treatment or cosmetic made from plants or animals.

The “dregs of white wine” is probably dilute vinegar, which will lighten your hair, and the honey will moisturize it. This is fairly safe and beneficial for all hair types including Black hair, and can gently add highlights. Don’t, however, use undiluted vinegar on your hair or scalp.



The powder of natron is a powerful water softener, also called “washing soda” and “soda ash”. This makes water clean the hair more effectively, which in turn will make it softer. If the “vetch” referred to is milk vetch, the root is still used sometimes topically to increase blood flow to the area, which can theoretically increase hair growth. Although using soda ash in higher concentrations can significantly damage your hair, in controlled applications, it also loosens curls. It’s even used marketed as “Natural Hair Relaxer” for Black hair, under brand names like “Natralaxer”. In more dilute mixtures, it’s very good clarifier for any texture of oily hair, especially if your hair is very thick or coarse.



The dressing for hair growth with bear fat is an almost universally used recipe all over the world. Bear tallow pomade has been used by Indigenous Americans, Ancient China, Medieval Europe…pretty much everywhere. You can actually still buy it for that purpose. I think that the barley bread ash (charcoal, basically) was probably used for color and shine; a lot of different people mixed pigments into bear grease to add color and shine to their hair.This dressing used on long Black hair would have created a style much like this one:



Rather than bear fat, I find coconut oil to be an improvement. I often use it for braided styles myself, and I think that adding a bit of pigment or color to it would be a fun experiment.



Speaking of coloring hair…I have no clue whatsoever whether lizard frying oil would make a difference in hair color, but there’s honestly no reason to suppose that some kind of chemical produced by its skin couldn’t have caused a change in color…dyes and pigments can come from unlikely sources. Remember when everyone was freaking out because Starbucks used a coloring made from crushed beetles to color some of its drinks? All sorts of items have been used by all genders throughout history to add that extra special something to their hairstyles.



The hair perfume would certainly have smelled lovely, but a lot of the ingredients, like the clove, nutmeg, and galangal are not native to Europe and would have been imported from Southeast Asia and quite expensive. The ingredients as well as the recipes would have traveled from those areas. Galangal especially has beneficial topical uses similar to ginger, or tea tree oil. It’s mildly antimicrobial, so if there’s anything like fungus or dandruff clogging up your follicles, it can remove impediments to hair growth. Nutmeg oil can also mildly lighten hair a little. And all of them will result in a tingly, “spicy” scalp, and can cause burning if you have sensitive skin.



A last note-these cosmetic recipes come from a book known as “The Trotula”, which was created by Trotula of Salerno, who revolutionized Medieval medicine by and for women, synthesizing knowledge flowing out of Asia and the Middle East regarding medicine and specifically gynecology. In Medieval Europe, some of the most well-known people of color were physicians, because African and Asian medicine was well-known and revered.


Wikipedia page for Trotula