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Otoge and seiyuu fan. Forever reblogging Miyata Kouki and Amnesia.

I have claimed Miyata Kouki over at the seiyuu tumblr crew.

AMNESIA World(アムネシアワールド)

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Whenever I see someone say something about one of the characters from Amnesia that I know is completely off, I go into this mode where I want to reply to or reblog them and politely explain that they are misunderstanding the characters’ intentions/personalities/situations. Then I remember that not everyone likes spoilers and I have to make myself do something else.

Maybe it’s because Ukyo is my bias, but I especially have this intense desire to defend him each time someone says they hate him because he’s a stalker. And then the irrational side of me is like, “I hope you people can live with yourselves after you find out how wrong you are. Because, you really are as beyond wrong as you can get.”

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    God. Yes. This. It really grates my nerves when people don’t even try to get past the initial first impression of a...
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    It’s because of stereotyping and taking things at face value. Goodness forbid that a character who seems one way is...
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  4. retsuyachan said: I feel the same. I would say people will understand after the anime is over but the pacing of story is making me facepalm. Even so, the game and anime alone don’t show much of his real self as much as the drama CDs.